Big5 is a communication plug-in for HomeSeer. It covers the following protocols

Serial RS232 or RS485


HTTP ( incl. REST API, incl. JSON API)


Messaging (over Slack)

Big5 will create 5 “Action” menu items in HS3 action menu. One for each protocol. The Big5 action will send out a payload over the selected protocol to a destination (profile) previously setup in Big5 setup. The payload may consist of text or content of other HS3 devices or combination thereof. Furthermore the content can be conditioned upon the status and or value of other HS3 devices. “If true than do that else do other” logic is supported.

Big5 will create 5 “Condition”/”Trigger” menu items in HS3 Trigger Menu. Those will be activated by the incoming/received information from the selected source (profile). Four trigger actions are supported

a) by string (or part thereof)

b) by RegEx that can apply logical and/or math action upon the incoming information and even mix it with the value, status, string of existing HS3 devices.

c) by numbers from the incoming info

d) by “on” or “off” found in the incoming string

Big5 will automatically create HS3 devices from the received/incoming information. The user has great flexibility of using parts of the incoming information for the names of the devices and other parts for value or string of the newly created HS3 devices.

Multiple HS3 devices can be created/updated at once from just one Input. This is particularly useful in JSON API applications where one JSON file could carry information about multiple devices.